The textile sector is going through a big change. The market is more and more demanding and there's more knowledge about the product. NUMA TEXTIL is also going through this change to offer our customers a large range of products always up to date in trends and maket needs.

In order to satisfy the demand, we divide our products in four types with the idea  of offering our customers the perfect solution for their decoration projects, from the best quality in fabrics to low-cost ones at very good prices, all sorts of textile items for your home, curtains and its accesories as well as a tailoring department.


    Always loyal to the philosophy of our bussiness, CLARA VIDAL offers exclusive products, elegance and style on its fabrics, impeccable finishing; always respecting the commercial idea: affordable prices.

    In its line of fabrics, CLARA VIDAL makes japanese panels, curtains, embroidered linens, stamina, jacquard, satin, organza, canvas, taffeta, opaque blackout, flame retardant fabrics specific for the hospitality sector, always with exclusive designs from our team.

  • NT

    NUMA TEXTIL it's the low-cost alternative in the textile market:

    Curtains, embroidery, canvas, organza, printed fabrics, kitchen curtains at commercial and competitive prices.

    The articles named \"NT\" are selected in order to cover a wide range of customers, seeking the best designs.

  • NR

    NUMA TEXTIL offers its customers all the necessary tools to develop their decoration projects. We also have a large catalog of rails and accessories.

    All our "NT" products including our steel bars, iron and wood, are of the highest quality and developed according to our exclusive designs.

    Curtain rods, rails, guides, tapes, interlining, velcro, they're all part of our "NR" range of accessories. An extensive range of products with the idea of giving a solution for every type of profect.

    We have a tailoring department available for our customers providing always the best service. Valances, blinds, curtains with eyelets, are made in our workshop according to the needs of our customers.